Research Ambassadors

The CCHE team includes Research Ambassadors (RAs), individuals that live, work and play in the Wisconsin communities they serve.  The RA position is critical to identify, develop and nurture collaborative research partnerships — and research capacity development opportunities – of interest to members of underserved communities and UW academic partners.  The CCHE Ambassadors advance community-academic research partnerships in rural and urban sites in the state including Madison, Milwaukee and multiple tribal communities in Northern WI. Ambassadors establish new and maintain existing relationships with our community partners; represent the services, programs, and interests of CCHE and the UW ICTR, and navigate a variety of community and academic expertise and resources to liaison investigators, community members and the Center.

Our Ambassadors are advantaged by the ability to serve as a constant presence in different academic and community settings, and to contribute to multiple partnership activities.  They are not dependent on any one project’s start/end date, so can move across projects and also link projects that share goals or target specific communities. Each Ambassador is familiar with and able to speak to community health priorities, as well as the community resources and assets to address these priorities. This allows us to more rapidly identify how an academic partner can engage and contribute.  CCHE’s investment in RAs allows us to reach and engage with communities that may not have been successfully or positively engaged in research activities before now.

Our current Research Ambassadors are Al Castro and Mirtha Sosa Pacheco (Milwaukee). Biographies for each ambassador are included in our About Us, CCHE Team Profiles page.  Examples of the projects they’ve contributed to can be found under our Community Engaged Projects menu tab.