Native American Health

Native American Center for Health Professions


The UW Native American Center for Health Professions (NACHP) was established within CCHE in December, 2012, by Founding Director Erik Brodt, MD, to grow the number of Native American health professionals. The Center is now led by Danielle Yancey and is housed under SMPH Academic Affairs. The NACHP vision is to improve the health and wellness of American Indian people. They focus on five primary objectives as part of their mission:

  • Enhance recruitment of Native students to UW health professional schools and programs
  • Improve the Native health professional student experience
  • Establish and enhance Native health education opportunities
  • Recruit, retain and develop Native faculty
  • Grow Native health academic programs, in both research and education, with tribal communities

To learn more please contact NACHP at and visit the NACHP website!
Check out NACHP’s We Are Healers initiative as well!

Read a March 2016 Wisconsin State Journal feature on NACHP’s recruitment efforts, here.
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Great Lakes Epi Center

The mission of the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center is to support Tribal communities in their efforts to improve health by assisting with data needs through partnership development, community based research, education and technical assistance.

The GLITEC serves 34 Tribes, three Service Units and four Urban Indian Health Programs and has been operating since 1996. Program advisement is provided through each state’s Tribal Health Director’s Association. GLITEC staff strives to support Tribal communities in their efforts to improve health by building capacity to collect and use data while advocating on the local, state and national levels to improve data quality.


The implementation of a participatory manuscript development process with Native American tribal awardees as part of the CDC Communities Putting Prevention to Work initiative: Challenges and opportunities (PDF)
Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan, Isaiah ‘Shaneequa’ Brokenleg, Margie Burkhart, Cornell Magdalena, Candace Sibley, Kristyn Yepa

Gambling with Our Health (PDF)
Isaiah ‘Shaneequa’ Brokenleg, MPH, Teresa K. Barber, MEd, Nancy L. Bennett, BS, Simone Peart Boyce, PhD, Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan, DrPH

Walking Toward the Sacred: Our Great Lakes Tobacco Story (PDF)
Compiled and edited by Isaiah Brokenleg and Elizabeth Tornes